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Curriculum & Learning

First Baptist Preschool is a Ministry of First Baptist Sebring that seeks to nurture and sustain a positive Christian environment centered on the development of the complete child: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and Socially.  We are here to help develop Christian growth and education, and to provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment for each and every child.


Our children in the one and two-year-old classrooms use the High Reach curriculum. We use A BEKA curriculum for our three and four-year-olds. We take great pride in teaching the fundamentals of learning. As part of the academic curriculum your children will be learning Bible Verses weekly.


All teachers are required to submit a weekly lesson plan.

Our curriculum focuses on the following skills and concepts:

Talking and Listening, Vocabulary, Colors, Social/ Emotional Development, Self-Concept, Small/Large Muscle Development, Creative Expression


Talking and Listening, Vocabulary, Colors and Shapes, Self Concept, Small/Large Muscle Development, Creative Expression


Language Development and Literacy, Phonological Awareness, Numbers 1-10, Shapes and Colors, Counting, Sorting, and Patterning, Graphing and Problem Solving, Science, Creative Expression, Healthy Habits, Socialization


Letter Recognition, Initial Consonant Sounds, Long and Short Vowel Sounds, Blending Phonemes, Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing, Number  Concepts 0-20, Addition and Subtraction, Ordinal Position and  Patterning, Measurement, Time and Money, Prediction, Analysis and Experimentation, Cultural Awareness

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