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For the safety of your child, strict procedures are in place.

  • No one is allowed to pick your child up unless they are authorized by parents. Parents give us a list of authorized family and friends that are allowed to pick up their child. Each teacher has this list and verifies names by checking drivers' licenses when they arrive to pick up their child. We also use the Procare System. Every person that is a regular on the pick-up list for their child will register their fingerprint on the computer. Children are to be signed in and signed out every day on the computer.

  • We conduct fire drills regularly as well as emergency preparedness drills.

  • We have security cameras throughout the church and at all entrances.

  • All classrooms are cleaned daily.

  • Outside play areas are well maintained and routinely checked for safety hazards.

  • Security doors at the entrance that only authorized people can enter with code.

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